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Critical Thinking - 1954 Words

In the book â€Å"Asking the Right Questions, A Guide to Critical Thinking† M. Neil Browne and Stuart M. Kelley discuss the ten steps to critical thinking. In the following pages I will apply these steps to a memo that was sent to Mr. Robert Shaw of Triad Insurance Company of Indianapolis and discuss them in detail. The memo was from Ms. Denise Khali, Vice President of Human Resources. D. Khali, personal communication, October 04, 2010. Step 1: What are the issues and conclusions? The major issue discussed in the memo is that Ms. Khali does not agree with the training ideas that have been presented by Mr. Clarke, Director of Operations. She goes into detail in her memo discussing the reasons why she feels the training program is†¦show more content†¦If she was going to go with height as a supporting factor for her argument she shouldn’t have used these 3 leaders as examples within her memo. Another fallacy to this is stating that Mr. Clarke is short and is the only short leader in the company and that is the reason he wants to implement the training. She is trying to distract the reader from the main point of the memo. The most apparent fallacy within the memo is in the last paragraph when Ms. Khali states that Mr. Clarke is trying to discredit her personally by pushing the theories of the Aspen Institute. In this statement she is attempting to deter the reader from her original reasons why the training isn’t necessary and insi nuate that there is a personal issue underlying why Mr. Clarke recommended the training to begin with. She is taking the memo to a personal level when she uses this statement. In the beginning she sites reasons why the company shouldn’t pursue the training but then in the end interjects a personal statement like that, it can be very misleading and confusing for the reader. Step 6: How good is the evidence? The evidence that was provided in this memo is very unsupportive of the arguments that she was trying to convey. Within her memo she is jumping all over the place and hitting on too many topics without honing in on one specific problem and expanding onShow MoreRelatedCritical Thinking And Critical Thinking753 Words   |  4 Pagesaway from the normal. We begin the critical thought process of thinking outside the box. Critical thinking is the process of evaluating your decisions, providing positive or negative feedback, and researching conclusions. At the point when used correctly, it reduces the issue of complacency in how we carry on with everyday activities. Critical thinking in a personal business decision Before I started my business as being a mobile deejay, I had to make critical decisions on the type of events, sortRead MoreCritical Thinking1715 Words   |  7 Pagesï » ¿KENYATTA UNIVERSITY SCHOOL: HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM DEPARTMENT: TOURISM UNIT CODE: UCU 103 UNIT TITLE: INTRODUCTION TO CREATIVE AND CRITICAL THINKING GROUP MEMBERS NAMES: REG.NO. CONTACTS SIGN GEOFFREY A.G T12S/8705/2013 0728812037 †¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦.. PETER WAMBUI T12S/19590/2013 0726581625 †¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦.. ROSE WACHIRA T12S/21534/2013 0717236599 †¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦... NASSIUMA PURITY T12S/21394/2013 0702057789 †¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦... RADHI OLANG’O T12S/19632/2013 0704290026 †¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦ CHEMUTAI DAISY T12S/19632/2013 0702645207Read MoreCritical Thinking2910 Words   |  12 Pagescreate the correct and fast solution to solve our problems. One of the ways is to think critically. Thinking is a good process but thinking alone will not help us to develop our minds. That is when critical thinking may take place. Critical thinking is the ability to think clearly and rationally. It includes the ability to engage in reflective and independent thinking. Using critical thinking one makes a decision or solves the problem of judging what to believe or what to do. It helps us to buildRead MoreCritical Thinking1324 Words   |  6 Pagespaper explores critical thinking skills and teaching them in an educational setting. Teaching critical thinking is highly debatable. Many feel as though it is not a necessary skill that needs to be learned and others feel as though it is not a skill that can be taught. In this paper I will discuss what critical thinking is and ways it can be taught in an educational setting. Teaching Critical Thinking Skills in Schools For many years critical thinking has been an importantRead MoreCritical Thinking3288 Words   |  14 PagesCritical Thinkers and Education A Teachers Goal Bia Mcgrue Scypion EDU372: Educational Psychology Prof. Jimletta Vareene-Thomas 2/20/2016 Critical Thinkers and Education A Teachers Goal Throughout life we are challenged and we encounter an abundance of issues or problems that we need to solve. Some problems that can be resolved effortlessly and efficiently but other obstacles may require a more critical and creative thinking to overcome. When it comes down to thinking to solve problemsRead MoreCritical Thinking975 Words   |  4 Pageseliminated to strengthen the authors argument?†¨.†¨You can also support your assignment using the critical thinking concepts from previous chapters with points on evidence, confirmation bias, the authors communication and research skills, manipulation of language, use of reason, emotion, open-mindedness vs. narrowmindedness, the three-tier model of thinking, resistance and barriers to critical thinking, etc.†¨Ã¢â‚¬ ¨Ã¢â‚¬ ¨Ã¢â‚¬ ¨Assignment Expectations: Your assignment should be a minimum of 500 words (this does notRead MoreCritical Thinking . Critical Thinking Is A Major Component862 Words   |  4 Pages Critical Thinking Critical thinking is a major component of the nursing process. Critical thinking is define as, â€Å"that mode of thinking—about any subject, content, or problem—in which the thinker improves the quality of his or her thinking by skillfully taking charge of the structures inherent in thinking and imposing intellectual standards upon them† (Paul and Eder, 2012). Nurses who critically think about their patients have a better chance of solving the patient’s problems quickly and successfullyRead MoreCritical Analysis On Critical Thinking1311 Words   |  6 Pages Critical Self Reflection Essay Critical thinking has been defined as the ability to be a disciplined thinker by using clear, rational, open-minded, and informed by evidence. Critical thinking is a skill that takes years of practice to master. In this essay I will reflect on my personal stage of critical thinking and what strengths and weaknesses I currently have. This personal reflection will include what challenges I will face to advance my critical thinking skills and what requirements a criticalRead MoreCritical Thinking : A Critical Thinker1230 Words   |  5 PagesCritical thinking is the process of analyzing certain problematic phenomena or ideas, along with its complex dynamics, in order to theorize healthier and more productive solutions. Critical thinking juxtaposes its noun form by describing the critical thinker, in which society is constantly and heedlessly creating. This is the direct result of the systematic nourishment of societal prejudices, misogyny, and inequality, which only contrives devastati ng and life changing events in its victims livesRead MoreCritical Note On Critical Thinking1137 Words   |  5 PagesKristen Hofner Final Assignment on Critical Thinking The key variable in determining the quality of what I learn in college is due to my thinking. My professors have played a role in my learning, with some of them helping me learn more than others, but even the best professors will be very little help to me if I’m deficient in the critical intellectual skills essential for learning. Over the semester I have seen significant improvement in my time management skills and reasoning and writing skills

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The Value Of The Cash Flow - 1324 Words

Part: B Net Present Value (NPV) calculates the present value of the cash flow which is based on the opportunity cost of capital and comes up with a value that is added to the wealth of the shareholders if that project is accepted. Apart from Net present Value (NPV) there are a couple of more methods for investment appraisal such as internal rate of return (IRR), Payback period (PBP) and Profitability Index (PI). Net Present Value (NPV) vs. Payback Period (PBP): Payback period calculates the period in which the initial amount invested in the project is recovered. The project is accepted or rejected based on the benchmark set by the firm. If the payback period is less than or equal to the benchmark the firm will accept the project and†¦show more content†¦Such a problem does not exist with NPV. Net Present Value (NPV) vs. Profitability Index (PI) Profitability index is a ratio between the discounted cash inflow to the initial cash outflow. It presents a value which says how many times of the investment is the returns in the form of discounted cash flows. The disadvantage associated with this method again is its relativity. A project can have same profitability index with different investments and vast difference in absolute dollar return. NPV has an upper hand in this case. Conclusion: We have noted that almost all the difficulties are survived by net present value and that is why it is considered to be the best way to analyze, evaluate, and select big investment projects. At the same time, the estimation of cash flows requires carefulness because if the cash flow estimation is wrong, NPV is bound to be misleading. A small problem with NPV is that it also considers the same discounting rate for both cash inflow and outflows. We know that there are differences between borrowing and lending rates. Modified internal rate of return is another method which is little more complex but improved which takes care of the difference between borrowing and lending rates also as it discounts cash inflows at lending rates and cash outflow at borrowing rates. Part: C According to International Energy Agency (2015), energy demand will grow byShow MoreRelatedThe Value Of Cash Flow951 Words   |  4 Pagesa) Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) valuations aims to establish the value of operating business on a ’cash free/debt free’ basis and therefore it is normally undertaken using ungeared cash flows. The value of the business should remain the same regardless of its financial structure. In case that geared cash flow is used in an equity model valuation, it should be discounted at the cost of equity capital and not a weighted average cost of capital (WACC). This approach estimates the shareholders’ net returnsRead MoreArcadian: Cash Flow and Terminal Value1103 Words   |  5 Pagesterminal value (TV) a material component of firm values? From the exhibit, we can find the PV of five years’ dividends is small part of the market price of the stock. In my opinion, we buy a stock then get dividend periodically, which like buy a bond. The coupon payment is dividend and the face value is terminal value. The bond value is determined by the terminal value mostly. So the stock price is also determined by terminal value. The concept of going concern can explain that Terminal value is oftenRead MoreNet Present Value and Cash Flow1400 Words   |  6 Pages000. Assuming a company tax rate of 30%, the firm’s cash flow from operations is: (A) $840,000 (B) $180,000 (C) $135,000 (D) $75,000 4. Given an effective annual interest rate of 14 per cent, the present value of a perpetuity consisting of yearly payments of $25,000 starting immediately is, rounded to the nearest dollar (A) (B) $203,571 (C) $178,571 (D) 5. $232,071 $156,641 If the present value of a perpetual income stream is increasing, the discountRead MoreFree Cash Flow and Total Value1218 Words   |  5 Pagesapproach, which means that the debt to equity ratio of AirThread will not be the same from 2008 to 2012, so APV approach would be more suitable to valuate the cash flows between 2008 and 2012. After 2012, AirThread will de-lever to industry norm and thus, they will have a target leverage ratio; therefore WACC is best to estimate the terminal value. Finally, regarding the valuation of non-operating investments in equity affiliates, due to limited data, market multiple approach would be better to useRead MoreNet Present Value and Net Cash Flow1220 Words   |  5 Pagesbudgeting? a Will an investment generate adequate cash flows to promptly recover its cost? b Will an investment generate an acceptable rate of return? c Will an investment have a positive net present value? d Will an investment have an adverse effect on the environment? 3 Which of the following is not considered when using the payback period to evaluate an investment? a The profitability of the investment over its entire life. b The annual net cash flow of the investment. c The cost of the investmentRead MoreThe Value Of Cash Flow For The Financial Year 2015964 Words   |  4 PagesQuestion 1 a. The main source of cash flow for the financial year 2015 of the Harvey Norman Holdings Limited is from franchising operations. The net cash flow from the operating activities increased by 45% to $340.45 million from $338.94 million in the prior year. The strong underlying sales performance is due to the increase of franchise fees of 7.2% or $47.44 million which is from $661.86 million (2014) to $709.3 million (2015). There is also decrease in tactical support to franchise during 2015Read MoreNet Present Value and Free Cash Flow Essay example1101 Words   |  5 PagesGiven the proposed financing plan, describe your approach (qualitatively) to value AirThread. Should Ms. Zhang use WACC, APV or some combination thereof? Explain. (2 points) * From the statement of AirThread case, we know that American Cable Communication want to raise capital by Leveraged Buyout (LBO) approach. This means ACC will finance money though equity and debt to buy AirThread and pay the debt by the cash flows or assets of AirThread. * In another word, it’s a highly levered transactionRead MoreDescribe How Value-Added Is Calculated. to What Extent Are Value Added, Cash Flow, and Profit Connected to a Company’s Sales Performance?1822 Words   |  8 PagesDescribe how value-added is calculated. To what extent are value added, cash flow, and profit connected to a company’s sales performance? Throughout this essay I will be exploring how value added is calculated and to what extent value added, cash flow and profit are connected to a company’s sales performance. I will do this by introducing value added and the formulas in which they are calculated, mathematically and through accounting, the purpose why value added is calculated and the theory ofRead MoreCash Flow Per Period Of A Project790 Words   |  4 Pagesthe time in which the initial cash outflow of an investment is expected to be recovered from the cash inflows generated by the investment. It is one of the simplest investment appraisal techniques. Formula The formula to calculate payback period of a project depends on whether the cash flow per period of the project is even or uneven. In case they are even, the formula to calculate payback period is: Payback Period = Initial Investment Cash Inflow per Period When cash inflows are uneven, we need toRead MoreQuestions On Financial Concepts On Valuation1717 Wo rds   |  7 Pagesvaluation. Firm’s value maximization managers must have check on internal capabilities for external opportunities. Managers can get real option value by doing decisions on time and flexible about firm’s opportunities and capabilities. There are four main parts in the manager’s work box for investment valuation opportunities.  ¬ Net Present Values  ¬ Accounting rated of return  ¬ Real Options  ¬ Payback rules NPV implement require estimates of appropriate discount rate and expected cash flows. And there’s

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Realism And The Setting Of The Great Gatsby By F. Scott...

In any of the play or the drama written by any author or narrated by a narrator, certain factors are affecting the nature and the story line of the play being written or narrated. The mind of the author or a narrator is just like a glass house (Harold Bloom). Whichever light falls on it; it is illuminated by that color glowing in that particular manner. In the critical evaluation of any story or play, the thing to be understood that holds immense importance is the realism and the setting. Realism and the setting can be literary defined as the social environment around the author or the narrator that carves the words out of his mind and ideas out of his heart. It is always seen that the circumstance and surroundings impart a very strong color on the story line and characters. Any story line is built around a plot or an axis. For an author or narrator, nature or surrounding is the biggest gift that seeds the idea in his mind that is further nourished by his words and fed by his pen, and the end fruit is passed to the audience to enjoy and cherish the sweetness and taste of it. This simply means that surrounding hold immense importance for the play as it is the one causing the inception and it is the one causing the completion tinging it with its flavor and taste. Sometimes it has been seen that the movements or scenarios going around in the country make the writer write something. Sometimes it’s the sense of patriotism due to problems in the countries. (Black Matter) Beowulf,Show MoreRelatedThe Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and Jazz by Toni Morrison 647 Words   |  3 Pagesexceptional novels by distinguished authors have managed to start this new concept of â€Å"historical fiction†. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and Jazz by Toni Morrison are two literary novels that pioneered the movement of historical realism in fiction as well as influenced literary writing styles and United States culture for generations following their creation. Although F. Scott Fitzgerald and Toni Morrison were born 35 years apart and have two separate backgrounds, they still managed to be twoRead MoreEssay on The Great Gatsby1605 Words   |  7 PagesIn The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald utilizes many universal and timeless themes to make the novel a classic. He emphasizes that most people lack insight and can not see the truth. To the majority of the society, the reality is an illusion that they create in their minds. The characters, events, setting, symbols and imagery contribute to establishing this theme. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Myrtle Wilson, a woman of ludicrous ostentation, yearns to escape her class to enter the higher ranksRead MoreEssay on The Great Gatsby: An Important Literary Work1493 Words   |  6 PagesThe Great Gatsby Is an Important Literary Work â€Å"Every mans memory is his private literature,† said Aldous Huxley, noted author. â€Å"The decline of literature indicates the decline of a nation because among the most outwardly unexceptional people, all lives trace a story. Some contain more characters than one can easily track, others follow plot lines that can only be described as convoluted. Some are full of description where nothing seems to happen, unless youre patient enough to read betweenRead MoreNarratology in The Great Gatsby1308 Words   |  6 Pages F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby demonstrates what Marie-Laure Ryan, H. Porter Abbott and David Herman state about what narratology should be. These theorists emphasize the importance of conflict, human experience, gaps and consciousness, among many other elements, in order for a story to be considered a narrative. The Great Gatsby shows these elements throughout the book in an essential way. This makes the reader become intrigued and desp erate to know what will happen next. The Great GatsbyRead MoreThe Great Gatsby and the American Dream1401 Words   |  6 Pagesthe renowned writers, F. Scott Fitzgerald, emerged during this period and put together The Great Gatsby â€Å"embodying†¦the fluid polarities of American experience: success and failure, illusion and disillusion, dream and nightmare†, which criticizes the American Dream and society (Callahan Online). In his novel, Fitzgerald condemns the concept of the American Dream and its advocates through his disillusioned characters and symbols. Throughout the course of the novel, Fitzgerald employs the thoughts andRead MoreEssay On Symbolism In The Great Gatsby918 Words   |  4 PagesGood Morning Mr Peinke and 11A today I will be discussing how F. Scott Fitzgerald, author of The Great Gatsby, uses the techniques of symbolism and characterisation to position readers to view the George and Myrtle Wilson, a married couple living in the Valley of Ashes during the 1920’s. While the 20’s were a great time of optimism, Fitzgerald portrays the much bleaker side of the revelry by focusing on its indulgence, two-facedness, shallow recklessness. While we don’t know a lot about Myrtle andRead MoreThe Most Ideal Approach To Appreciate Baz LuhrmannS Enormous1179 Words   |  5 PagesThe most ideal approach to appreciate Baz Luhrmann s enormous and loud new form of The Great Gatsby — and regardless of what you may have listened, it is a prominently charming motion picture — is to set aside whatever ar tistic motivation you are enticed to carry with you. I give this is not all that effectively done. F. Scott Fitzgerald s slim, beguiling third novel has gathered a heavier weight of social hugeness than it can without much of a stretch bear. Short and sufficiently open to beRead MoreEvolution of the American Short Story1077 Words   |  4 PagesWhen short stories started to be written in the American Romanticism Time Period, they were very different from the ones today, but they didn’t change abruptly. Over the different periods like the American Romanticism, Dark Romantics, Realism, Moderns, and Contemporary, the events changed the style of writing and the characteristics of the way the authors in these times wrote their stories. The authors in these eras started to revolutionize the way they wrote according to occurrences in that particularRead MoreThe Great Gatsby And A Street Car Named Desire1468 Words   |  6 PagesThe themes of illusion and fantasy are prominent in b oth The Great Gatsby and A Street Car Named Desire. F.Scott Fitzgerald and Tennessee Williams use these themes to shape characters as well as drive the plot. These themes are also present in the setting, narration and characterisation. Illusion and fantasy dominate The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. They are essential to narration, setting and characterisation in the novel. Nick Caraway’s narration is conflicted between a realistic pointRead MoreThe Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald1412 Words   |  6 PagesGantry, and Let Us Now Praise Famous Men. In The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald uses the settings of the valley of ashes and Gatsby’s mansion to convey that the American Dream is impossible to achieve due to the greediness of the wealthy. Fitzgerald uses Gatsby’s mansion to demonstrate the obsession of the American Dream to become rich. While touring throughout the house, Nick and Jordan wander into Gatsby’s library, in hopes of finding Gatsby himself. Instead, they meet Owl eyes, a nosy reader

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Essential Guide To Data Science Application -

Question: Discuss about the Essential Guide To Data Science Application. Answer: Introduction The Industrial Internet project, an information centric solution, is proposed by General Electric to converge its machines, data and the internet in one connection to provide real-time analysis (MIT Sloan Management Review., 2018). The General Electric is a multinational company with varied companies having different types of sectors and operations. The company has four themes for which they want to provide connectivity to all applications to access them at a single time. The project is to be developed to provide not only as a remote system but effective and secure at all conditions. The report focuses on providing integration by General Electric to manage its information system and data in Industrial Internet project. The report also focuses on explanations based on EAI RA templates and cloud options and suitability. The outline of the report is explanation based on architecture overview and component relationship diagram of EAI RA templates, information management and integration strategies, and cloud infrastructure strategy, application and service integration strategies and recommendations. Discussion The company has proposed Industrial Internet for mainly industries such as oil and gas, power generation and healthcare departments where system failures and unplanned downtime are frequent. These conditions can result in high-risk situations and sometimes life-threatening situations. The Industrial Internet has powerful operations which can detect failures and critical situations and result in saving the company from losing information (Digital and Things, 2018). The company created its own software that is Predix to address the needs of company in terms of digital innovation. The project is explained through EAI RA templates that are architecture overview diagram and component relationship diagram. The other aspects are also discussed and they are strategies for integration of multiple data sources used for different purposes by different teams, suitability of various cloud infrastructure and integration of services and applications. EAI RA Templates Architecture Overview Diagram Component Relationship Diagram Information Management and Integration The present scenario of companies adopting data analytics are for decision-making purposes for their own company in real-time environment. The company needs to extract insights from data in operational areas such as sales department, finance department, marketing department, procurement department and other departments. These departments need to have its own targets for success and analysis of data developed and integrated in each department (Shmueli et al., 2015). The data in each department needs to be separated from other departments to ensure security, privacy and data breaches. This needs to be started by looking at each team individually with respect to success that defines each department. The example includes volume of leads created by marketing department team to be passed on to sales department team for overall target of the company. The next example is that sales department team looks conversely to what marketing department team looks for success and that is they look at v olume of appointments created and converted to new businesses. The information technology department team looks to support greater use of data analytics and turns the business process more successful in getting the right us of data in the company. The data sources are such as networking data sources including web analytics, marketing automation data and CRM data. The data sources are media, cloud, web, IoT, databases in company (Talia, 2013). The media is the most popular source of data analytics in the company. This source is found in every company and it includes Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. This media helps to get an insight of consumer preferences and changing trends nowadays. The next is cloud storage which is adopted by most of the companies nowadays. Cloud storage includes structured and unstructured data which is generated. Cloud storage provides public and private clouds which are sourced to make and efficient and economical data sources in the company. The next is web data source. The public web generates data sources in the company. The public web is used to provide free and quick information and diverse usability to the company. The public web data provides company to enjoy the leverage of data without having to develop their own infrastructure (Baesens, 2014). The next one is IoT. IoT is internet of things which is a valuable source of data analytics in the company and it is machine generated content. This is usually generated from the sensors in the company that are connected to electronic device in internet of things. Databases data sources are the major source in the company as database is required in every aspect and segments in company. The databases pave the way for low investment and information technology costs. Database sources are structured as these are arranged formally and can be extracted without any hassle. There are five components in data strategy and they are identification, storage, provision, integration and governing. The identification is done by constructing and sharing data across the company whether structured or unstructured content. The storage is important to retrieve data in future for various purposes in the company (Jaseena and David, 2014). The two types of data that are stored are internal, for example customer details, and external, for example third party data. The data is stored in separate locations from where the data can be easily accessed by the company in future without creating any copy and any misuse. The provision is that all data must be packaged and prepared for efficient sharing among the companys workforce for standard business process. The integration of data is costly in company as it involves not only data extraction transformation or loading process but also moving and combining data across the system (Davenport and Dych, 2013). The governing is to e stablish, manage and communicate information policies and procedures for effective usage of data across the company. The data integration is challenging for information technology department in companies due to high cost. The data integration function works as each application creates its own integration logic and the data contained in each application differ across each application in the company (Gal, 2015). The data sources such as client data, pricing data, sales data and client contacts data are perceived and valued by different applications such as sales department and campaign management department. Application and Data Storage Infrastructure Design The cloud storage is the most necessary asset for every company. The different service models of cloud storage are IaaS, PaaS and SaaS (Rittinghouse and Ransome, 2016). The different deployment models are private cloud, public cloud, community cloud and hybrid cloud. The private cloud is the one where the services and infrastructure are maintained and efficiently managed by the company or third party person. The public cloud is the one where the services stored off-site and it is accessed over the internet by the company. The community cloud is the one which exists where various organizations share access to a particular private cloud having similar security functions and considerations. The hybrid cloud is the one where company takes advantage of both private and public cloud services for its operations (Herbst, Kounev and Reussner, 2013). The service model IaaS is Infrastructure as a Service is buying or renting companys computer system power and disk space frm external providers f or business use. SaaS is Software as a Service and it is the most common among the other models in businesses as it is accessed using a browser on the internet (Mishra et al., 2013). PaaS is Platform as a Service is described as a crossover of both SaaS and IaaS service models. The suitability of cloud storage models are based on services and operations. SaaS is the most familiar and accessible service for customers in real world. SaaS is basically used to reduce the cost of company by removing technical staff to manage install, manage and update software and also cost of licensing software is reduced. This is used on subscription based model. PaaS is provides platform for software to be developed and deployed for company. PaaS provides an environment where clients can deal with server software as well as server hardware efficiently (Wang et al., 2017). This provides scalability for the company on business side. PaaS expands its services when demand grows for resources in company. IaaS is used for company where they need to have complete control over their high performing applications when there is scaling up or down is based on traffic networks. The cloud adoptions in General Electric were due to six reasons (The cloud advantage, 2015). They are speed in implementation and innovation, end-to-end security, low costs, ability to scale, ubiquitous and global visibility and failure of isolation with micro services. The speed provided by cloud storage is efficient and rapid. The security provided by cloud storage is rapid as they patch the vulnerable with latest updates frequently with reduced variations. The lower cost of cloud storage is due to reduction in large scale of big data platform. The ability to scale of cloud storage is advanced and pave ways for customers and businesses to specify the right amount that is needed for their usage by scaling up and down based upon requirement changes. The ubiquitous and global visibility of cloud storage is to provide operation beyond the geographical boundaries for global business optimizations and operations. The failure isolation with micro services of cloud storage provides reusabi lity of software. The company developed its own cloud software that is Predix (GE Digital, 2018). The cloud infrastructure strategies for the company are given in the following discussion. The first one is that cloud computing needs to be more developed and advanced to be adopted by the company as it has trust issues regarding security and legacy systems. The second one is to deliver greater business agility, scalability and support by the information technology department that will be a high priority in coming future. The third one is to tackle with the challenges related to recruiting, training, and retaining of cloud architects, developers, engineers, support staff and service professionals within the company. The fourth one is to measure the contributions of expenses by the cloud storage and managing the cost to maintain the overall financial outcome of the company (Hwang, Dongarra and Fox, 2013). The fifth one is creation of cloud decision framework to keep a track on technology evaluations and c ompany investments aligned with business strategies developed for business growth. The sixth one is mitigating risk and liability for future business operations as they can be cause several risks to company and they should be looked upon. Application and Service Integration The integration strategy for application and services are discussed in the following paragraph. There are two types of application integration and they are automating business process by connecting two or more applications and creating composite application in the company (Bussler, 2013). The first one is solely dependent within an organization where it is sometimes referred to as enterprise application integration and when done between two organizations then referred to as business-to-business integration. The second one is to provide a common front end to a group that has applications existed in the company and easier ad effective to use for the company. Business process automation provides benefits that include four significant points. They are faster process, cheaper process, accurate process and visible process. These are the benefits provided within the organizations. The business process automation across the organization also provides benefits for business process to span fas ter, cheaper and more accurate in terms of business-to-business integration. The other application integration is composite application. The benefits it provides are that employees can do their jobs more efficiently and effectively and it also provides cross-application functions. The strategies for service integration are addressing systematic and effective procedural barriers for collaboration of business processes (Charter and Tischner, 2017). The next one is to integrate services a collaborative group of service providers are needed. This is used to meet the needs of particular client individually. The next is a clear establishment phase where every member of the company agrees on the scope and structure of the business arrangements for future operations. The next is an agreement about the groups that are targeted to assess the business program and the process to assess the program. This is done to integrate the services for business purposes through target groups (Hoffmann, 201 7). The last one is a case plan structure model to be used for guiding assessment and the structure of the case plan. This is the final strategy which results in the case plan model for integrating services in the company. Conclusion The above discussions conclude that the project of the company is valuable and effective in terms of security, cost, speed and real-time monitoring and analytics. The report focuses on the various aspects of project adoption and implementation using the templates given in the discussions. The strategies for data collection from different sources and for different purposes are discussed. The cloud options are also evaluated for different purposes and their suitability for these different purposes. Cloud infrastructure strategy focuses on how cloud strategy is necessary for business purposes and how it can be adopted effectively for future use. The integration of services and applications suggest that applications and services need to be managed and maintained properly. Therefore, it can be deduced that the strategies evaluated and described in the above discussions need to be taken into account for integrating and managing the companys information system. Adding to this, evaluation of what data to be fed into the project is also to be taken into account. Recommendations To begin with the project the company should begin to inventory and share best security practices by establishing common security across the organization. To reorient the overall business strategy of the company to leverage the full potential of latest advancement in the project. To re-examine and update the companys data protection and liability policies timely by policy-makers in the company. To have active participation from stakeholders in the areas related to security, interoperability and management of system risks in the company. References Baesens, B., 2014.Analytics in a big data world: The essential guide to data science and its applications. John Wiley Sons. Bussler, C., 2013.B2B integration: Concepts and architecture. Springer Science Business Media. Charter, M. and Tischner, U. eds., 2017.Sustainable solutions: developing products and services for the future. Routledge. Davenport, T.H. and Dych, J., 2013. 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Water Resources free essay sample

But what happens if mankind doesn’t do anything about this and lets the situation escalate. How can we solve this problem, and what can we do to use less water? Many years of research shows us that a human needs 50 liters of water a day to do everything: Cook, wash, drink, †¦ The average American uses 329 liter water a day and a European uses 122 liter water a day, while in some parts of Africa and Asia they only use 20 liters a day per person. The water crisis has a great impact on the world. And the main problem is that there is too much contaminated and not safe water. People get sick or ie because of this. But also animals and food need clean water! Everything is linked to water. According to the article by Peter Gleick , â€Å"†¦more than one billion people worldwide lack access to safe drinking water and adequate sanitation† But how can we conserve and protect our water supply? Water conservation is a big thing, but if everyone does a little bit, at the end the result will be worth working for. We will write a custom essay sample on Water Resources or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page We all have to make a change in the way we live which will change the course of our water and it’s quality. It is a way of life, not something that you do for once and than never think about it again. Water conservation means that you have to use water in a wise and responsible way. Since we all depend on water, we have to take responsibility to learn how to conserve water and how we have to keep it clean for ourselves and the next generation. Water conservation is not a job that is just for the technician, soil scientist, hydrologist, forester, wildlife manager, plant scientist, city planner, park manager, farmer, rancher, or mine owner alone. It is a job for the every day person who just likes to have access to the life sustaining resource of water. The world’s water supply is not endless. This means we have to start to take responsibility for it. Ninety-seven percent of all the water on earth is salt water, which we cannot drink. The other three percent of the water is fresh water, only one percent of that is suitable for drinking. The other 2 percent are ice caps and glaciers. But the problem with ice caps and glaciers is that they float in the sea, which is salt water. With 7 billion people all over the world, we have to live of the one percent of water that is available.. Since water is the foundation of food and life, we cannot live without water. Saving water now makes us preserve our environment. Because we don’t save our water and waste it, less-developed countries hardly have enough water to survive. â€Å"†¦the average family in Sydney, Australia uses more than 1000 liters of water a day compares to 300 to 400 liters for an American, while some less-developed countries barely exceed a few liters a day. † Out of scientific research we can conclude that only 55% of all the water that is produced is really used. Which means that 45% of our water is wasted, vaporized or drained away. As stated in an article in State of the Planet by Peter Glick, â€Å"The most serious unresolved water problem is the continued failure to meet the basic human need for water. † This underscores the fact that there is not going to be water forever if we don’t start doing something about it. It means that parts of the world could run out of water in less than 30 years from now. As futile as it sounds, it is only a matter of time. There are several causes for all the water that goes to waste. According to an article in Business Credit the three main reasons are: distribution, pollution and the expansion of drought and floods. Globally water distribution is not the same everywhere. There are many places who are in need of water but don’t get it. And in the areas where there is enough water, they take it for granted. The second cause, pollution, affects almost the whole world, but it is the worst in the underdeveloped countries. Some countries and villages in particular sometimes have to drink, bath and wash from the same water. , often coming from rivers. These rivers may consist of animal waste from farms or other houses. Who knows how contaminated the water is. The third and major issue is droughts and floods. Some of the droughts are already under control of mankind, but some of them aren’t. It depends on how much rain there will be and how the climate changes. Research shows us that in areas where the average temperature is normally low, they now experience higher temperatures. There are some places where the rivers were flooding, while now, 30 years later they cannot even put their boats in the river because the water level is too low. The leading reason of water waste is irrigation. 70% of the water use goes to irrigation, 20% to industry and the remaining 10% is used for residential purposes.. Lester Brown who is an American environmental analyst describes the growing problem. â€Å"Globally, demand for water had triples over the last half century, millions of irrigation wells have been drilled, pushing water withdrawals beyond recharge rates. † In conclusion we have to realize that we cannot waste any more water today so that we will still have water in the future for us and for the next generation. We have to think about how the next generation will not have enough water if we don’t start saving water today! There are several things that we can do to preserve and conserve water. It takes a little bit of time every day, but in the end everyone helped for a better world. We have to save the water now we still can. But in my opinion the governments also have to change things. It is a global issue, which has to concern everyone because it will affect every one of us. Water is one our planets greatest recourse and we have to conserve and respect this. If we want that our children, the next generation and ourselves have enough water to survive, we should start working on this today. Water is the source of life! Cossi, Olga. Water Wars: The Fight to Control and Conserve Nature’s Most Precious Resource. New York: Simon amp; Schuster Childrens, 1993. Gleick, Peter H. Thirsty word: Desperate quest for water. Excerpt from What Matters: The Worlds Preeminent Photojournalists and Thinkers Depict Essential Issues of Our Time. 20 Oct. 2008. CNN. com. 12 Feb. 2009 . Gleick, Peter H. Water in Crisis: Paths to Sustainable Water Use. Ecological Applications 8 (1998): 571-79. Globalwater. org. Water Management, Water Scarcity Solutions in Rural Areas: lt;http://www. globalwater. org/background. tm. gt; Accessed March 26, 2009. Hoekstra, Arjen and Ashok K. Chapagain. â€Å"Globalization of Water: Sharing the Planet’s Freshwater Resources. Massachusetts: Blackwell Publishing, 2008. READING AND RESEARCH JOURNAL Name: Catharina Monstrey Topic: Water | Date | Reading source done in APA end of text referencing style! | Summary of key relative points | Week | | | 16/04| Cossi, Olga. Water Wars: The Fight to Control and Conserve Nature’s Most Precious Resource| Water is our most precious resource| | | We have to save| | | | Week | | | 18/04| Gleick, Peter H. Thirsty word: Desperate quest for water. | What can we do | | | What is the cause| | | | Week | | | 20/04| Gleick, Peter H. Water in Crisis| We have to start saving| | | It is becoming dramatic| | | | | Date | Reading source done in APA end of text referencing style! | Summary of key relative points | Week | | | 03/05| Hoekstra, Arjen and Ashok K. Chapagain. â€Å"Globalization of Water: Sharing the Planet’s Freshwater Resources. | We have to do something| | | What can we do| | | | This statement must appear on the first page and be signed: â€Å"I confirm that this work is my own. Additionally, I confirm that no part of this coursework, except where clearly quoted and referenced, has been copied from material belonging to any other person e. g. from a book, handout, another student. I am aware that it is a breach of GIHE regulations to copy the work of another without clear acknowledgement and that attempting to do so renders me liable to disciplinary procedures. To this effect, I have uploaded my work onto Turnitin and have ensured that I have made any relevant corrections to my work prior to submission. _________________________________________ Writer’s signature [ 1 ]. (60). Gleick, Peter H.. Water in crisis: a guide to the worlds fresh water resources. New York: Oxford University Press, 1993. Print. [ 2 ]. Dalgleish, Sharon. Saving water. Philadelphia: Chelsea House Publishers, 2003. Print. [ 3 ]. Brown, Lester Russell, Christopher Flavin, and Sandra Postel. Saving the planet: how to shape an environmentally sustainable global economy. New York: W. W. Norton, 1991. Print.

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How to Determine the Mass of a Star

How to Determine the Mass of a Star Nearly everything in the universe has mass, from atoms and sub-atomic particles (such as those studied by the Large Hadron Collider) to giant clusters of galaxies.  The only things scientists know about so far that dont have mass are photons and gluons.   Mass is important to know, but objects in the sky are too distant. We cant touch them and we certainly cant weigh them through conventional means. So, how do astronomers determine the mass of things in the cosmos? Its complicated.   Stars and Mass Assume that a  typical star  is pretty massive, generally much more so than a typical planet. Why care about its mass? That information is important to know because  it reveals clues about a stars evolutionary past, present, and future. Astronomers using the Hubble Space Telescope identified nine monster stars with masses more than 100 times the Suns mass. They lie in the star cluster R136 in the nearby Large Magellanic Cloud. Mass is an important characteristic when figuring out the life spans of stars. NASA/ESA/STScI Astronomers can use several indirect methods to determine stellar mass. One method, called  gravitational lensing, measures the path of light that is bent by the gravitational pull of a nearby object. Although the amount of bending is small, careful measurements can reveal the mass of the gravitational pull of the object doing the tugging. Typical Star Mass Measurements It took astronomers until the 21st century to apply gravitational lensing to measuring stellar masses. Before that, they had to rely on measurements of stars orbiting a common center of mass, so-called binary stars. The mass of  binary stars (two stars orbiting a common center of gravity) is pretty easy for astronomers to measure. In fact, multiple star systems provide a textbook example of how to figure out their masses. Its a bit technical but worth studying to understand what astronomers have to do. A Hubble Space Telescope image of Sirius A and B, a binary system 8.6 light-years away from Earth. NASA/ESA/STScI First, they measure the orbits of all the stars in the system. They also clock the stars orbital speeds and then determine how long it takes a given star to go through one orbit. Thats called its orbital period.   Calculating Mass Once all that information is known, astronomers next do some calculations to determine the masses of the stars. They can use the equation Vorbit SQRT(GM/R) where SQRT is square root a, G is gravity, M is mass, and R is the radius of the object. Its a matter of algebra to tease out the mass by rearranging the equation to solve for M.   So, without ever touching a star, astronomers use mathematics and known physical laws to figure out its mass. However, they cant do this for every star. Other measurements help them figure out the masses for stars ​not in binary or multiple-star systems. For example, they can use luminosities and temperatures. Stars of different luminosities and temperatures have vastly different masses. That information, when plotted on a graph, shows that stars can be arranged by temperature and luminosity. Really massive stars are among the hottest ones in the universe. Lesser-mass stars, such as the Sun, are cooler than their gigantic siblings. The graph of star temperatures, colors, and brightnesses is called the Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram, and by definition, it also shows a stars mass, depending on where it lies on the chart. If it lies along a long, sinuous curve called the Main Sequence, then astronomers know that its mass will not be gigantic nor will it be small. The largest mass and smallest-mass stars fall outside the Main Sequence. This version of the Hertzprung-Russell diagram plots the temperatures of stars against their luminosities. The position of a star in the diagram provides information about what stage it is in, as well as its mass and brightness. European Southern Observatory Stellar Evolution Astronomers have a good handle on how stars are born, live, and die. This sequence of life and death is called stellar evolution. The biggest predictor of how a star will evolve is the mass its born with, its initial mass. Low-mass stars are generally cooler and dimmer than their higher-mass counterparts. So, simply by looking at a stars color, temperature, and where it lives in the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram, astronomers can get a good idea of a stars mass. Comparisons of similar stars of known mass (such as the binaries mentioned above) give astronomers a good idea of how massive a given star is, even if it isnt a binary. Of course, stars dont keep the same mass all their lives. They lose it as they age. They gradually consume their nuclear fuel, and eventually, experience huge episodes of mass loss at the ends of their lives. If theyre stars like the Sun, they blow it off gently and form planetary nebulae (usually). If theyre much more massive than the Sun, they die in supernova events, where the cores collapse and then expand outward in a catastrophic explosion. That blasts much of their material to space. Composite image of the Crab Nebula, a supernova remnant that heralded the death of a very massive star. NASA/ESA/ASU/J. Hester A. Loll By observing the types of stars that die like the Sun or die in supernovae, astronomers can deduce what other stars will do. They know their masses, they know how other stars with similar masses evolve and die, and so they can make some pretty good predictions, based on observations of color, temperature, and other aspects that help them understand their masses. Theres much more to observing the stars than gathering data. The information astronomers get is folded into very accurate models that help them predict just exactly what stars in the Milky Way and throughout the universe will do as they are born, age, and die, all based on their masses. In the end, that information also helps people understand more about stars, particularly our Sun. Fast Facts The mass of a star is an important predictor for many other characteristics, including how long it will live.Astronomers use indirect methods to determine the masses of stars since they cant directly touch them.Typically speaking, more massive stars live shorter lifetimes than the less massive ones. This is because they consume their nuclear fuel much faster.Stars like our Sun are intermediate-mass and will end in a much different way than massive stars that will blow themselves up after a few tens of millions of years.

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Critical Discussion Papers 6088 Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Critical Discussion Papers 6088 - Dissertation Example Second, this type of learning approach is also modifiable, as it can be augmented by both sophisticated (photonic wands) and simple (drawings and pictures) communicative supports, allowing a differentiated learning experience based on the initial individual abilities of the students. In addition, this approach is apt for heterogeneous classes, which is usually the case, because they provide high quantity and quality communicative interactions. In the study of Arthur-Kelly et al. (2008) observing classes with disabled students, spontaneous interactive communication in heterogeneous classes occurred 17% of the time, as opposed to 4% in special classes composed of disabled students only. It was likewise observed that communication among disabled students and peers without disability is the best social forum for simple communication tasks such as turn-taking, greeting and requesting. However, as Arthur-Kelly et al. (2010) as well as Maheady and Gard (2010) suggested, the downside of coop erative learning and peer tutoring is that it relies heavily on the response of the students on the interactive set-up of learning. In teaching disabled students, for example, the partner without disabilities should be sensitive to the needs of their more-challenged counterpart. The understanding and acceptance of what is given communicatively is central to the effectiveness of the teaching approach. Thus, cooperative learning and peer tutoring, as they are currently used, are impossible to standardize. Students may thus receive different levels of information, depending on how much they can process. In the future, studies may look into means of standardizing the information received by all the students. One way this can be done is alternating between big class discussions and small group or paired discussions so that the information shared in between partners are also shared to the whole class. Developing teacher intuition, reflection and responsiveness may be one of the ways by wh ich standardization can be achieved. In addition, The extensive use of augmentative and alternative communication resources may also be looked into for the improvement of the quantity of knowledge and skills built up through this learning approach. Title: The Impractical Research-Based Teaching Practices There are reasons already recognized why implementation of research practices in real-life setting cannot be done over long periods of time (Mastropieri and Scroogs, 1998). One of the most common causes pointed at is that the methods used by research studies do not reflect the true classroom setting. In addition, researchers use curriculum-based measurements to draw their conclusions regarding the effectiveness of their approach, when in fact teachers observe attitudinal and behavioral changes in students to assess the effectiveness of their teaching method. Previous studies have also suggested that teacher individualism is compromised by these research-based practices. As such, tea chers are reluctant in adapting them for effective teaching. In addition, researchers do not properly train the teachers of the methods they deem beneficial for teaching. They also fail to communicate with the teachers in developing novel teaching approaches. Thus, problems such as the narrow or overly broad scope of some of the most common research-based teaching approache